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Submitted on: Oct 06, 2017 at 07:06 PM
Race and Class
Gnome Rogue
In order for us to contact you in game please provide your Real ID or BattleTag:


Tell a bit about yourself and where you're from:

I am a student from sweden i am 18 y old. I play handball on my spare time and spend a lot of time at the computer.

Please link your character's armory page:
Please link a screenshot of your user interface, preferably in a raid environment:
If you have any logs showcasing your past raid performance then please link them below:

i dont have any

Which Legendaries and how many traits do you have for each specialization?

I have duskwalkers footpads and mantle of the master assassin equiped and i have the dreadlords decit and greenskins waterlogged wristcuffs in the bag all 970 ilvl

Why you wish to join CTSamurai?

i want a good and serious guild to play in with a lot of experience with mecanics and stuff like that. I also want a funny guild that dont always take stuff so serious and want to have fun

Please state your previous PvE experience and what guild(s) you have been in and your reason(s) for leaving:

I stoped playing in early cata and started playing on a privet server then called molten wow (now called warmane) and i was in the top 3 guilds in the server and we performed good, i was top 5 dps on a retribution paladin.

If we offer you a trial period we would expect a 100% attendance rate so that we can gauge your performance. Is there any reason why you would not be able to meet this requirement?

yes i would, its most unlikley that i wouldent be able to live up to this demand

Describe any conflicts you might have with our raiding schedule - our raiding days 8.30-11.30 PM ST Wed,Thurs and Mon

There is no problem with these raiding times exept if i have to study

Describe your role in a raid and what you bring to a raid (e.g. An important role on a certain boss). This is your chance to show us your knowledge and capability of your class.

i am a stedy dps even if i dont do the most, i have good vision and good reaction. i also like to talk a lot if i feel comfortable with the people i am talking too which means that i can do some calls. i also learn fast which helps me do better in the raid

Would you be willing to play an alternative class/spec during progression in order to help the guild progress in a more efficient manner? While alts are not mandatory, it's always a great addition for a fight where class stacking is preferred.

i dont have any alts in 110

Are there any current members of CTSamurai who would vouch for you?


In order to help us improve our recruitment process, please state where/how you heard about us and that we were recruiting.

in the trade chat


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Hello there, we can talk more about your transfer and stuff add me Anoobisath#2324
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