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Submitted on: Feb 05, 2018 at 04:07 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Hunter
Primary Raiding Spec (if you have a raid-viable off-spec, let us know):


Artifact Level for each raid-viable spec?


In order for us to contact you in game please provide your Real ID or BattleTag:


Please link your character's armory page:
Tell a bit about yourself and where you're from:

Iam 31 (soon 32) year old but always feel my self as 25 max. Born in Russia Moscow, but currently iam livin in Bulgaria.

Please link a screenshot of your user interface, preferably in a raid environment:
If you have any logs showcasing your past raid performance then please link them below:
Can you tell us the stat weights you use for gear, gems, and enchants for your character?
Which Legendaries and how many traits do you have for each specialization? Which ones do you use for different situations?

Iam using Soul of Huntmaster and Ullr's Feather Snowshoes

What is your standard rotation for your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking)?

I start with A murder of crows, then windburst after that i cast trueshot and using like 3-4 aimed shots, then cast couple arcane shot to refill focus and after that i got marked shot to set Vulnerable again and keep casting aim shot. and so on and soon. If boss is at 30% and i got Murder of crows active i keep it to 20% so i can use it then and stack faster critical strike abilitie from bow.

Please describe a "recent" raid boss that really demonstrates how you have gone above and beyond your current role (DPS/Healing/Tanking). This may involve using a special spec, a non-standard rotation, or non-standard gear/glyphs. If possible, link us a parse of you doing this.

dont get anything in mind atm.

Please state your previous PvE experience and what guild(s) you have been in and your reason(s) for leaving:

Well i considering i play for a lot time, i;ve been in a lot of guilds. My best achiev was to be in Nephilim and Power House at Cataclism/Wotlk.

Why do you wish to join CTSamurai and what convinces you that you would be a good addition to CTSamurai? What sets you apart? ←Money Question, one-liners here reflect poorly…think about it.

I want to join the guild because i think people inside are funny and good players. I already raider once with you on Social, and good think was even when we wiped couple times, i didnt see anyone rage curse or blame people. this is good. I like that and thats why i decided to leave Pug behind and do some raiding with you if u accept me ofc.

If we offer you a trial period we would expect a 100% attendance rate so that we can gauge your performance. Is there any reason why you would not be able to meet this requirement?

If iam at work to late. But hopefully i would know earlier and will warn u.

Describe any conflicts you might have with our raiding schedule - our raiding days 8.30-11.30 PM ST Wed,Thurs and Mon

None seems okey for me.

Describe your role in a raid and what you bring to a raid (e.g. An important role on a certain boss). This is your chance to show us your knowledge and capability of your class.

Well my role on raid is dps i can bring with me some knowledge for HC runs, also i can watch Mythics and learn fast. I can take some important stuff if needed. Like if i have to kite something or use pod or something like that.

Would you be willing to play an alternative class/spec during progression in order to help the guild progress in a more efficient manner? While alts are not mandatory, it's always a great addition for a fight where class stacking is preferred.

Yea i got rogue and warrior tank, and also i can play BM.

This is an old guild with a family/friend-like atmosphere. It is important to us that we get to know more of who you are then just another player, so tell us a little about yourself. This could very well sell your application to us, so HAVE FUN!

Well iam averge type of guy, got a girlfriend already 3 years with her. I like to play wow because its only thing that removes my stress *exept my gf (which sometimes gives me some) * I like to listen music watching movies mostly Marvel universe one :D

Are there any current members of CTSamurai who would vouch for you?

Well i dunno anyone that can vouch for me. :) iam on my own.

In order to help us improve our recruitment process, please state where/how you heard about us and that we were recruiting.

Iam inside the guild atm as Social, but i know ur guild since Wotlk.

Anything you would like to add? Extra information etc.

Yea my bow is shiny :)



Forgot to mention my chars on CTSamurai guild are Uso Naberya and Solarstorm :)
Trial accepted!
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